6th Sense – 3″ – Crube


Classic, yet modern. The 6th Sense Crube (“CRAW+TUBE”) was designed to be a classic bait with an updated twist. There is no doubt that a tube style bait catches fish, anywhere, on any body of water, and so does a crawfish. Why not combine the two with realism and practicality?

It is constructed of a tube body with 14 appendages: 6 legs, 2 claws, and 6 tentacles, giving it a pulsing presentation unlike any tube style bait on the market. We purposely designed the head of the body with ‘meat,’ for a wide gap hook, to better suit R-Bend styles, as well as flipping hooks.

  • Brand: 6th Sense
  • Model: Crube
  • Type: Tube
  • Weight: 6.5g
  • Length: 3.0in
  • Qty: 8/pack