6th Sense – Glitch 3.8

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A brief irregularity, that is the definition of the word ‘Glitch.’ The all-new Glitch does exactly this, a brief irregular action enticing more bites. The profound soft plastic weight distribution and flat belly design allows the Glitch to sit completely horizontal in the water column, like a real fish. However, every little twitch, or any current flow will accentuate the Glitch to “glitch,” giving it a realistic bait fish nervous presentation. Designed with our new proprietary 6th Scent, and the attention to detail in every color scheme, the Glitch is a premier soft plastic and great addition to our lineup.

  • Brand: 6th Sense
  • Model: Glitch 3.8
  • Type: Worm
  • Length: 3.8in
  • QTY: 10/pack