P-Line – CFX Fluorocarbon


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CFX Leader

CFX Fluorocarbon’s refractive index makes it virtually invisible once it enters the water. The most obvious advantage of CFX Fluorocarbon is a more natural presentation to the fish. With its high abrasion resistance, low stretch factor and UV protectors it’s no wonder that when it was introduced, the American Sportfishing Association awarded P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon “Best New Line Introduction of the Year”. If you’re in conditions with line-shy, leader-shy fish, using CFX Fluorocarbon can make the difference between excuses why they didn’t bite, or the bragging rights of that catch of a lifetime. This could be the most important tool you add to your tackle arsenal.

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  • Brand: P-Line
  • Model: CFX Leader
  • Type: 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Size: 8lb, 12lb
  • Colour: Clear
  • Diameter: 0.32mm
  • Length: 27.2 yards (25 meters)