Epic Baits – Buzz Bait – Burner


We use Gamakatsu hooks, and 3-D eyes in all our Buzz Baits, and the Pro Tie Skirt Band, the skirts hand tied with a flexible thread and allows for a near perfect color separation around the skirt perimeter. The strands are adhered to a silicone core for a quick installation, unlike most Buzz Baits which use a single band on the skirts. The 1/2 ounce Buzz Baits uses a 5/0 hook and .051 wire form, 3/8 ounce has a 4/0 hook and .051 wire form, and the 1/4 ounce uses a 3/0 hook and .051 wire form. All use a line through blade which creates more friction so you are able to retrieve these baits faster across the water which makes Epic Buzz Baits the most durable on the water.

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