Final Approach Silho’s Flocked


These decoys are lightweight, easy to pack into the field, durable, and have a lifelike print. The four head positions with flocked heads will bring your spread to life. Whether you are looking for more decoys to add to your spread, or you want a more packable option, these decoys will be a perfect choice. Rugged coroplast design for durability

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Last Pass Honker Silhouettes with Flocked Heads


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  • 12 Pack
  • Rugged coroplast design for durability
  • Oversized for great visibility
  • Lifelike prints of real birds in natural settings
  • Durable metal stakes for easy deployment in hard ground
  • One-piece design and stackable
  • Flocked Heads
  • Includes: 2 Sentry, 4 Active / Walkers, 2 Sneakers / Searchers, 4 Aggressive Feeders