Gruv Fishing – Tungsten Vault


A superb solution to the challenge of storing your tungsten weights, the Gruv Fishing Tungsten Vault is built to keep your tungsten investments secure and organized. Constructed with a silicone mat and 50 silicone docks, it’s able to hold weights from 1/16oz all the way to 1.5oz. Each malleable silicone dock allows its walls to form a loose seal around each weight, holding them in place even throughout a day on rough water. The mat has five different sized docks to accommodate weights of varying sizes and shapes, giving the Tungsten Vault the versatility to store what you need and the convenience to grab exactly what you’re looking for quickly. Its clear lid grants maximum visibility to aid in your search for the perfect size weight your fishing presentation calls for. Boasting quality components from the base up, anglers are sure to appreciate the extremely durable polycarbonate shell, stainless steel hinge pin, and strong neodymium magnetic closure for quick access. Gone are the days of weights bouncing around in your box causing the paint to chip or box to crack, pick up the Gruv Fishing Tungsten Vault and enjoy the future of tungsten weight management.

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-Securely holds up to 50 weights
-Accommodates weights up to ¾” tall
-Premium components
-Magnetic closure
-Dimensions: 5” x 5” x 1.4”