Ken Capling – Agitator Magnum Scapula

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The Agitator is a handheld rake style call, that is used to imitate the sound of a bull moose thrashing its antlers against a tree or willows as a sign of dominance. Bull moose will often rake their antlers when feeling threatened by other bulls or to simply impress a cow during the mating season. A display showing potential enemies or lovers how big and strong they really are.

The Agitator features a solid Black Walnut handle for added strength, the palm or rake portion of the call is manufactured out of fiberglass resulting in the most realistic tones and desired volume when making dominance calls during a moose hunt.

This type of calling, depending on a bulls personality can really produce interesting results with agitated bulls coming in to challenge any suitor in his home range. The Agitator is modeled from the scapula of a 61” bull, and after years of toying around, we finally got everything right and can offer serious moose hunters a rake call that sounds perfect, is loud enough for windy conditions, dense enough for wet conditions and may also be used as an antler decoy for close encounters. It truly is better than the real thing.

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