Lunker City – Grubster – 2.75″


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The Grubster is a ringed, chubby bodied grub that shares its tail, its swimming action and its fish catching heritage with our SwimFish and Swimmin’ Ribster. The 2.75″ version is a smallmouth killer that’s equally deadly on largemouth, walleye, sauger and perch and sea trout. It’s even great on a small umbrella/alabama rig! The 4.25″ size was designed for use as a swim bait, as a vibrating jig trailer and on umbrella rigs, as well as for deep water ‘dragging’ in cold water situations. The 2 incher is a killer on huge, slab crappies, big perch, river smallmouth and trout of all varieties.

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  • Brand: Lunker City
  • Model: Grubster
  • Type: Grub
  • Weight: 4.5g
  • Height: 0.50in
  • Length: 2.75in
  • Width: 0.50in
  • QTY per Bag: 10