Lunkerhunt – 1/4oz – Weedless Mushroom Head Jig



Lunkerhunt Weedless Mushroom Head Jigs are great for soft plastics, especially Lunkerhunt Finesse Baits. They are built around a premium, 90 degree, black nickel baitkeeper hook that securely holds plastics in place. The nose of the jig is rounded and has weight forward engineering that lifts plastics upright when sitting on the bottom, but pendulums around to create a horizontal presentation on the retrieve.

  • Weedless
  • Weight 1/4oz
  • Size 2 long shank hook
  • Built around premium 90 degree, black nickel baitkeeper hook
  • Lunkerhunt Weedless Mushroom Heads have 4 units in a package
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