Lunkerhunt – Ghost Carbon Fluorocarbon – Clear


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Lunkerhunt’s Ghost Carbon fluorocarbon leader line disappears as it enters the water, hiding your presence from weary fish. Ghost Carbon’s abrasion-resistant properties prevent breakage from razor sharp teeth as well as nicks and cuts as you work your bait around cover and structure. Lunkerhunt’s Ghost Carbon pairs well with Lunkerhunt’s Premium Braid and Sinking Braid as well.

  • Turns invisible under water
  • Low stretch
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
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DIA..010″ / 0.25mm.011″ / 0.28mm.012″ / 0.33mm.016″ / 0.40MM
LENGTH25YD / 23m25YD / 23m25YD / 23m25YD / 23m