Lunkerhunt – Impact Slash 12S



The Impact Slash 12S is a deep-diving tournament-grade jerkbait that suspends on the pause, keeping the lure in the water column for optimal strike opportunities. The side-to-side jerk action of this lure is off the charts, meaning this lure shakes and rattles its way to the deepest depths of the lake with ease. When used by simply casting and retrieving the angler has control of diving depth and action, mixed with just the right amount of pause and anticipation of an attack. Using the Slash 12s while trolling will push this lure down even deeper to flush out those monsters in the darkest parts of the water.
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  • Brand: Lunkerhunt
  • Model: Impact Slash
  • Type: Jerkbait
  • Weight: 17g
  • Length: 4.3in
  • Max Diving Depth: 12ft