Flambeau – MAD R.I.P Bleat Call


Being the industry leader in deer call technology that MAD has been with big buck vocalizations, there is no surprise that we are applying the technology for the ladies of the herd as well. Utilizing our famous back-pressure outer tube, the R.I.P. Bleat mimics the flow of air produced by a whitetail doe’s vocals to reverberate the reed while also replicating the sound of air slowly and naturally passing through her sinuses. The result is the perfect emulation of doe and fawn vocals, as well as the deadly estrus bleat. Using over-molded technology there is no internal adjustment, just the external manipulation of the reed by a rubber push button for a perfect sound every time.

  • Perfect doe and fawn vocals, as well as estrus bleats
  • Simple external push button for manipulating the reed to switch between higher pitched fawn calls and soft doe bleats
  • Includes lanyard

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