Pautzke – Fire Dye

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Give Your Bait Bling!

High Octane Fire Dye is professionally crafted to enhance the color and reflective qualities of your bait and is UV Enhanced to give you an arsenal to attack all water conditions. Ideal for eggs, herring, shrimp, prawns, minnows, sardines, anchovies and other bait fish, Fire Dye tackles every fresh and saltwater fishery in North America. Pautzke’s UV Enhanced High Octane Fire Dye is super concentrated and packed with agents to create the industry’s fastest reacting dye, which Dad Pautzke hand poured to yield animated, full, rich colors on baits to be used in salt and fresh water.

*Only Red, Gold, Blue & Chartreuse are intended for live bait.

Short Soak = 1 bottle of Fire Dye to 3 bottles (12oz TOTAL) of water.
Long Soak = 1 bottle of Fire Dye to 1/4 gal (32oz TOTAL) of water.


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