Piscifun – Torrent – Baitcaster


Unparalleled – Our CNC machined brass gear ensures a strong drag system and durability with 7.1:1 gear ratio. A fast and powerful retrieve offer the ultimate fishing performance.

Phenomenal – Precise gears paired with 3-layer high-grade carbon fiber drag washers provide an ultra-strong 18lbs drag system with power to handle the big ones that you are after. Our new 4.33 inch extended aluminum crank handle gives the angler the leverage and power needed to pull the biggest fish out of the thickest cover.

Anti-corrosion – Corrosion resistant Premium gears and superior quality stainless steel bearings to ensure the smoothness of this reel. Anglers can be confident in freshwater when using the Torrent.

Extraordinary Feel – This reel boasts an Accurate & effective 0-10 magnetic brake, providing the angler with on-the-fly tournament ready adjustments. Double line winding shafts increase the winding stability and durability.

Easy Maintenance – A unique screwed oil hole in the side-plate helps you quickly and efficiently lubricate in order to lengthen reel life and maximize performance. Novice and Pro anglers alike will benefit from this easy method, no more lost or broken parts for basic maintenance.

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Gear Ratio Bearings Max Drag Weight Line Retrieve Braid Cap. Mono Cap.
7.1:1 5+1 18lb/8.1kg 8.0oz 30″/76cm 30lb/120yd