Rabid Baits – Darter


More than just a darter, the Rabid Baits Darter is highly effective for a number of different applications particularly drop shot and jigging.  Built using super soft plastic and patented fur application, the Rabid Baits Darter delivers tremendous finesse action with even the slightest movement of the rod tip.  It features a ribbed body, hand tied fur with a flat shaped paddle tail that matches virtually any bait fish profile.  Available in a range of colors.
Darter: Features
-Natural and Biodegradable finess action hair color combination that quivers and moves at the slightest twitch
-Natural floating motion and live action tail enhanced by our proprietary embedded fur
-Scent impregnated so fish hold on longer
-3″ size has a proprietary fur embedded tail which attracts more fish
  • Brand: Rabid Baits
  • Model: Darter
  • Type: Grub
  • Length: 3in
  • QTY Per: 4