Rabid Baits – Shaker Worm


When rigged Texas Style, on a Drop Shot rig, or on a Shaky Head the Rabid Shaker Worm,  fish scent impregnated Finesse Worms soft body and biodegradable hair natural action are ideal for virtually all presentations. Particularly deadly when fished on a Rabid Shaky Head, their buoyancy and floating ability combined with the pro choice natural hair color combination,  stand up and stand above any worm you can buy.

Worm: Features:
– Natural and Biodegradable finess action hair color combination that quivers and moves at the slightest twitch
– Tail floats up while the natural hair is still moving at rest
– Scent impregnated so fish hold on longer
– 6″ size has a proprietary fur embedded tail which attracts more fish
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  • Brand: Rabid Baits
  • Model: Shaker Worm
  • Type: Worm
  • Length: 6in
  • QTY Per: 6