Savage Gear – 3.5″ – Duratech Toad



The Savage Toad’s twin curved paddle tail delivers a strong kicking action that drives big bass insane. The most realistic toad profile ever to hit the market coupled with our extremely buoyant, soft and durable Duratech soft plastic allows anglers to keep this toad floating even when standing completely still. With versatility in the forefront of the design, the Savage toad’s tapered design and deep hook slot allow it to be fished in the heaviest of cover without sacrificing hook up ratio. It can be fished weedless as a topwater and also working perfectly as a jig trailer. Pre rigged with a 4/0 heavy duty worm hook, the Duratech toad delivers unmatched realism, performance and value any angler can appreciate.

• Ultra-Realistic Details Based On The 3D Scan Of A Real Frog
• Tapered Design Moves Thru Cover Easily And Large Paddle Legs Deliver An Effortless Kicking Action
• Custom Duratech Soft Plastic Delivers Lifelike Movement And Extreme Durability
• Ultra-Sharp 4X Frog Hook Included
• Scent Infused To Trigger Feeding And Aggression