Savage Gear – 3″ – Ned Dragontail Slug

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Everything you loved about the original Dragontail in a smaller profile and our custom Duratech formulation, making the Duratech Dragontail an extremely versatile lure across a variety of applications in both fresh and saltwater. Its extreme ribbed body and contours displace water in a conspicuous way making predators hone in even from a distance. Its asymmetrical design gives the tail a subtle swimming action when retrieved or an erratic darting action with a pop of the rod tip. From a Jerk Bait to a Jig Trailer, the Duratech Dragontail is an exceptional tool in your fishing arsenal.

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• Aggressive Body Ribbing For Increased Presence In The Water
• Custom Duratech Soft Plastic Delivers Lifelike Movement And Extreme Durability
• Scent Infused To Trigger Feeding And Aggression
• Extremely Versatile That Can Be Fished In A Variety Of Ways In Both Fresh And Saltwater