Storm – Smash Shad – 2in



The Storm Smash Shad is a hard plastic lure designed to mimic the action and appearance of several baitfish species which bass often feed upon. The Smash Shad, from Storm Lures, exhibits a slim profile that presents an accurate representation of shad, one of bass’s favorite meals. The smash shad’s action displays a deliberate, steady cadence when reeled in with a constant pace. In addition to a steady retrieve, the Smash Shad will also prove to be an excellent cold water bait when fished with rod sweeps followed by pauses, this keeps the lure in the strike zone longer and teases the lethargic bass into striking at such an easy meal.

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  • Brand: Storm
  • Model: Smash Shad
  • Type: Crankbait
  • Weight: 5g
  • Height: 0.75in
  • Length: 2.00in
  • Width: 0.50in
  • Max Diving Depth: 8ft