Koro Traps – Live Beaver Trap


The Koro Live Beaver trap is based off the original Hancock Live Beaver Trap invented in the 1940s. The Koro  has a heavy duty aluminum frame. The metal screen and other metal parts are hot dip galvanized for extended life. The chain link mesh is 11 gauge and also galvanized. The Koro Beaver trap is equipped with .283 dia. music wire springs and are dipped in trap dye to help prevent rusting. The Koro Beaver trap also has a lock mechanism on the from of the trap to stop XL beaver from opening the trap. If relocation is part of the job, simply just unhook the rings to fold up into transport mode and this gives the beaver ample room to exit. The Koro Live Beaver trap is one of the most versatile beaver traps on the market and can be used in many depths of water.

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